Certificate of Proficiency (COP)

A Certificate of Proficiency (COP) allows you to study a single course, without enrolling into a full programme.

It’s a great option if you are wanting to get a taster for a programme to see if:

  • it really does interest you
  • you want to experience a new area of study
  • advance your current knowledge
  • looking to upskill in a particular area.

When applying, you must meet the entry requirements for the programme that the course is offered in. Normal course fees apply.

On successful completion of the COP, if you wish to progress to the full programme, you may be able to apply to credit the course to the programme.

If your intention is to complete a full programme, please enrol into the programme. Depending on the number of courses within the programme, you are limited in the number of COP’s you can complete. Studying an individual COP is not a pathway towards a formal qualification.

Not all courses are available every intake. To find out which courses are offered as a COP, when they are offered and course fees, please contact our Ask Me! team for more information.